Has the capability of assessing human capital for a gamut of attributes. Since its establishment, the company services have extended beyond the industry, sector like Insurance, TELECOM, COURIER, SECURITY, CITY, SOCIAL, MEDIA CERTIFICATION, Units. Private Corporate and Academic Institutions. The year 2011-12 recorded a yet another remarkable achievement of registering
more than 02k candidates appearing for various selection processes. As it appears in the figure below, there has been a massive growth in the past years, between 2009 and 2012.


The figure below highlights details of the candidates tested by various examinations Having more than six years of experience and expertise in handling recruitment and selection activities, the company has developed its strength to conduct examinations at mass and class level. In the year 2011-12, we tested 6k candidates. There has been an addition of 02K, candidates in this year compared to the previous year. The company has been stengthening and widening its processes to accomodate the increasing number of candidates but without compromising on the fairness and quality.


Owing to its credibility, the total number of assignments handled by the company has amplified over the years and it has successfully completed assignments/examinations in the year 2011-12.