The company has been conducting Assessment Centre Programmes for variety of clients. The aim of conducting these programmes is to identify gaps in the skill levels [between desired level and observed level], decide upon placement of employees by matching the employee profile with the job profile and identify training needs of individual employees. These programmes also provide a platform for personal development of employees. The flow chart below explains the process further:


The tools used for the Assessment Centre are developed by highly qualified and experienced Psychometricians to access the competencies in a fair and reliable
The Assessments tools commonly used are :

  • Simulation Exercieses
  • Role Plays
  • Committee Exercises
  • Management Games
  • Problem Solving Exercise in team situation
  • Presentations
  • Peraonal Interviews

The result generated during the assessment centre provie the function for personal development of employees. Utmost care is taken while conveying the feedback to each individual employee with regard to his/her strengths and areas of development by providing evidence to substantiate the observations.

Below are some of the client organization which have availed our services for special Programmes for Interviewers and Assessment Center during the year 2012-13.