Over The years, the company has won accolades for its performance and some of the milestones of the company are mentioned below:

ICM has been the pioneer in the use of multiple-choice objective tests for mass level selection. It has evolved sophisticated result processing methodology to produce 100% accurate results. It is one of the company to evolve multiple forms of test booklets 2009. It has developed unique software for analyzing items on psychometric properties, I.C.M. Pvt Ltd. is known for its computerized processing and is one of the company to popularize technology like use of Optical Mark Reading, OMR (1985). It has also developed unique software for identifying cases of use of unfair practice during examinations (1986). It has conducted online examinations for inter-cadre promotions in WACO. In a short time gap of 3 weeks, the company sent call letters to thousand candidates.

Accolades Part

Interaction career maker Private Limited also contributes Tremendously towards conservation of environment through paperless Registration process. Thus it saves about 100 tone of paper usage every year it is one of the company to have iniated high value projects for Private Sector.